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Biofeedback is the therapy to train a patient based on information from specific sites of the body to control the site that needs treatment. Let me explain the simple version of the therapy to you, although it needs various electronic devices.

Stand or sit upright in front of a mirror and look at your face as you open your mouth slowly. Watch the lower jaw and check if it goes down straight or not.

If the lower jaw goes down straight, it is in order. However, the lower jaw may go down diagonally, and then turn back in the direction of the center line. It may also go down diagonally, and stop. Furthermore, it may go down shaking between left and right.

If your lower jaw goes down unexpectedly not straight, place the round parts of your first and second fingers on the temple, and the round part of your thumb on the cheek where the muscles lift when biting. Then, looking in the mirror, open your mouth slowly again so that the lower jaw goes down straight. You will find less deviation of the lower jaw. Some people feel twitches of the jaw joint or muscles when trying to lower the jaw straight. Be sensitive to them and open your mouth again. Through repetition, you will be able to lower your lower jaw with fewer twitches.

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