Waribashi(Split chopstick) test

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The split chopstick test, developed and proposed by Haruto Ichinami of Fukui Prefecture, shows whether a patient has TMD (Ichinami calls it 'jaw deviation syndrome') or not, and has a therapeutic effect.

Lie face-up on a tatami(Japanese mat) or hard mattress
(the pose of the dead in yoga).
If the neck is unstable, support it with a rolled towel under it so that your face is facing straight up. Half open your mouth and place a spilt chopstick on the corners of the mouth, so that you look like you are biting the chopstick, but do not bite it. Just place it on the corners of the mouth. If this is impossible because the occlusion is too deep, just half open your mouth without a chopstick.

Relax, and sleep in this position for 30 minutes. If you cannot sleep face-up, first draw up your knees, and then stretch them later. You will then surely be able to sleep face-up.

After 30 minutes, stand up slowly with your mouth open. Do not hurry, or your legs will collapse. Stand up straight, look at a distant place, and slowly close your mouth. Stop closing the mouth when your upper and lower teeth first touch. They may touch at a different place than usual, and there may be a space between them. The jaw position is thus closer to the ideal than usual.

Realize that your usual jaw position is not the best one, and do not bite tightly for some time. Maintain this position for as long as possible, and remember it. Do not bite suddenly because the teeth will abruptly guide the jaw to the usual bad place, which may injure the jaw. The jaw gradually returns to the usual position. How do you feel? Do you feel some improvement? How do your shoulder stiffness and headache feel?

Some people have an immediate effect with the split chopstick test, and feel like their limbs are getting warm, becoming tired, or going numb. The chopstick sometimes falls off because the jaw shakes.

These responses result from the reduced body distortion by the test. It is reasonable to assume that jaw troubles have been affecting the body because the jaw therapy improved the systemic symptoms. If you improve greatly as a result of the test, repeat it regularly.

Finally, it is also effective to sleep with a chopstick on your half opened mouth. It will drop off when you roll over, but that is okay.

MESSAGE from Designer of split chopstick test   
Haruto Ichinami/Teeth and body(Komiti publishing)歯とからだ(径書房)
Haruto Ichinami/Jaw Deviation Syndrome(Komiti publishing)顎偏位症(径書房)

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