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T.M.D. means
Temporo Mandibular  


Jaw related diseases can be prevented to some degree through daily care, diseases that are likely to progress asymptomatically.


I am writing this article because I found that many of our patients had jaw-related diseases caused by unconscious biting for various reasons. Their symptoms often improve significantly just by reducing the unconscious biting in spite of the causes of the diseases. Thus, more than 80% of our patients with jaw related diseases do not need further treatment; I often explain to them about their symptoms and observe them without special treatment, partly because we do not have so many serious patients.
Of course, our policy does not treat them completely because the causes are not eliminated. However, I will not eliminate them if patients do not feel very annoyed, because further treatment is time-consuming and expensive, and is not always successful.

Besides, changing an occlusion involves almost all teeth, so you should start it after careful consideration. If you really want to have an occlusion changed, careful diagnosis and clear goals are essential to avoid incomplete treatment. Note that almost all patients do not understand the difficulty of changing an occlusion. I recommend you to first read the materials on unconscious biting.

  This is TMD in spite of good dentition.